About Campster

Campster is a large car, transformed into safe night haven for your rest on the road. You can sleep there comfortably in two, take in your dog, all the stuff you need. You have basic facilities for camper styled cooking, playing games and most of all, having a well deserved rest after a day of exploring, hiking or just driving around. In the start-up period, the Campster is available for rent only in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We can offer you great local tips for your journey!

Why choose Campster

We believe world needs more travellers and people eager to get out of their daily routine to learn more about other people and places and perhaps change perspectives. Campster is the plan for budget, romantic and adventurous travellers. It has potential for various types of travellers - Will you find yourself amongst them?

You want to travel. Period. You do not want to make bookings, that will anchor you to a place. Hotels and hostels can be quite nice, but boring as hell. Or maybe you do not like hotels for impersonal atmosphere, hostels are too (c)rowdy and loud, but the tent is a little too much punk for you? Yet you want to be sure you have a nice and safe place to sleep at night.

Of course, you can pitch a tent. But sometimes the weather goes wild, and wind/ snow / rain is just too much to deal with. And oh, what would you give for a bed to sleep on. We know, we have been there, staring at the raging face of Zephyr in Orkneys (Scotland) or travelling with always-soaking wet tent on Iceland.

You do not want to rely on public transport or hitch-hiking. Of course, these can be fun, but sometimes quite a logistical challenge to get somewhere. And you want to adapt your travel on the way, use the freedom the car provides. See a great medieval castle from the road? Is the day too hot and all you want to do is find a pool or river to jump in? Your call.

You have special expectations from your trip. It is not all romantic panorama of Prague for you. Maybe you want to go stargazing in the deep night, far away from the light pollution, or see a stunning sunrise from a place, where you are in a peaceful solitude. Or stay a day on a God forgotten dirt road, watching foxes hunt and deer graze.

You want to travel on budget, because then you can save the money for para-gliding or gourmet experience or whatever it is that you want.

My personal favourite part: you can wake up anywhere. Let’s see what the day brings.

Specifications of the Campster

The Campster is inspired by an effective construction of a sailing boat. We tried to transform it in a way, that provides comfort during travel, space for storing all that you need, facilities for basic tasks like cooking and also enough space for sleeping comfortably in two people. It is important to realise, that Campster is not a campervan and this has both advantages and disadvantages and the facilities are limited, mostly camper styled.

Our story

We are Anna and Michal and we love travelling, photography and adventure. We like to travel on our own, with no strict plans, no bookings and small budget.

We had a dream and now we call it a plan. To buy a reliable car, re-built it into a safe, comfortable night haven on the road. And not just for us - we want to share it with all the people, who want to travel this way and start a small business. First, we try to start in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, where we live and where we can offer the best travel tips, and then - let’s see. You are part of this plan.

We call it - a Campster. Sleep wherever you want, and wake up anywhere!

Pricing and conditions

Please contact us, if you are interested to travel with Campster!

Campster readiness

Our determination